Probably Genetic’s New Brand: Explained

“Probably Genetic’s new brand represents hope for the future.”

The Logo

The logo is designed to be open and welcoming, consisting of lower-case, thin, curved letters. This is representative of the fact that Probably Genetic is a service committed to helping and supporting patients and families during their diagnostic journeys.

The “p” and “g” in the logo can be interpreted in a few different ways. The combination of the “p” and the “g” appear as a parent embracing their child. The “g” can also be seen as a pregnant woman due to its distinctive curvature. Last but not least, the dashed lines at the bottom of the “p” subtly evoke the idea of genetic sequencing because it looks like a row in a DNA strand. These interpretations are all incredibly relevant to Probably Genetic’s mission, which is to provide genetic testing and help people develop a personalized healthcare plan.

The Background Shapes

The background shapes are meant to abstractly represent a human cell — the structure that hosts DNA. This subtle scientific aura demonstrates how Probably Genetic’s services are state-of-the-art and at the forefront of science and medicine, yet the shapes themselves are curved and serene, which is representative of how the company takes a deeply technical topic and makes it accessible. Subtle scientific references combined with welcoming elements are fundamental to how the company aims to be perceived.

The Colors

The colors are warm and welcoming. The families going through the diagnostic odyssey are dealing with extremely difficult situations, and these colors are designed to provide a sense of calmness. While it is hard to remain calm when anticipating results of genetic testing, Probably Genetic aims to provide closure to those searching for answers for their symptoms. Simultaneously, they aim to provide comfort and hope by directing patients to resources they need to cope with a rare condition. Probably Genetic wants families to understand that regardless of the genetic test results, they will be there to provide help before, during, and after the process.

All in all, Probably Genetic’s new brand represents hope for the future. The thought and care they took when designing their brand with the experts at Plato are aimed to represent only a fraction of the effort they take with individual families. Finding answers opens up possibilities for the future — better treatment, better planning, and better community.

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