Why Companies Are Launching Sponsored Testing Programs with Probably Genetic

October 21, 2021

Cheyanne Perry Suarez

To say finding undiagnosed rare disease patients is difficult would be an understatement. Where are drug developers supposed to look? Rare disease patients don’t appear out of mid-air, and expecting patients to come to them is not a common occurrence either. 

Despite the challenge, pharma companies that launch programs with Probably Genetic do not have that problem. Probably Genetic’s cutting edge technology helps rare disease patients get diagnosed using telemedicine, machine learning, and social media.

Sponsored testing programs with Probably Genetic are fast and efficient.

Probably genetic digitally phenotypes thousands of patients in a matter of weeks and then determines which of those patients should be offered genetic testing.

Probably Genetic is patient centric.

Our patient-initiated programs, allow patients to obtain quality genetic testing by simply pressing a button. They complete the entire testing process remotely using a telemedicine service. Without in-person appointments, there is little drop-off. Why is telemedicine significant? Some patients are over 1,750 miles away from their specialists. If they had to rely on their next in-person visit, it would take months for them to obtain genetic testing. 

The easier the testing process is for patients, the greater the chance partners can locate the patient populations they are searching for without spending countless tedious hours and an exorbitant amount of funding on the task.

Probably Genetic’s technology is scalable and competitive.

Probably Genetic creates sponsored testing programs online. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are home to millions of undiagnosed patients, and Probably Genetic’s platform easily makes testing accessible to online patient communities. That way, patients can get answers earlier in their diagnostic odyssey.

Undiagnosed family members can be offered testing.

Patients participating in Probably Genetic’s sponsored testing programs can voluntarily submit their family history as part of the brief intake questionnaire. Probably Genetic can extend test offers to additional patients with a potentially undiagnosed disease.

Probably Genetic provides information on second-tier KOLs.

Probably Genetic is aware of which physicians, in addition to the top key opinion leaders (KOLs), are treating patients, and partners are privy to these physicians' contact information. Although these physicians are likely unpublished, have not won prestigious NIH grants, and are not featured in ICD-10 campaigns, they have taken on the immense responsibility of caring for rare disease patients and should be on every outreach list.

Probably Genetic powers the marketing initiatives of its partners.

As a business, Probably Genetic understands the importance of marketing. All partners receive unique, trackable links to monitor their goals. Through these links, Probably Genetic and drug developers analyze effective marketing efforts for finding patients. They can also ascertain which advertisements in specific publications have generated the most patients. This is optimal for patient data and educational programs for physicians.

Cheyanne is the patient community manager at Probably Genetic. She uses her own experience of living with a rare genetic condition in her patient advocacy work. After graduating with her degree in psychology, she is especially interested in the biological processes that connect physical illness and mental health.