2021 Year in Review

January 14, 2022

Cheyanne Perry Suarez

2021 was a year full of expectations. After the pandemic chaos that ensued in 2020, it had to be. Although life has hardly returned to normal, for Probably Genetic, the year definitely did not disappoint. We are filled with gratitude as we reflect on what we have accomplished over the last twelve months—the relationships built, the knowledge gained, and even the mistakes made.

We Doubled Our Team

The Probably Genetic team grew from three to six amazing team members over the span of the last yearWhile our CEO, CTO, Community Manager, and Executive Assistant are based out of various states within the U.S., our Growth & Strategy Associate is from South Africa and our full-stack developer is from Russia.

Lukas B. (CTO) and  Lukas L. (CEO) in California

We Met in Person 🥳

Despite the pandemic, we managed to meet up for team retreats on Barbados 🏝, in California 🏄‍♀️, and in the Bavarian Alps 🏔. We can’t wait for our next retreat in the spring!

Lukas L. (CEO) and Ilya (Full Stack Developer) having fun at the Bavarian Alps

We also had a ton of fun during our weekly Happy Hours, where we reflect on the past week, play games, meditate, do Tai Chi, and more.

Netflix Trivia Happy Hour

We've Grown the Business 💯

The number of employees is not the only way Probably Genetic has grown in 2021. The company has secured several new partnerships and has launched sponsored testing programs for patients to receive free genetic testing. With these opportunities, we have played a role in bettering the lives of patients with rare diseases.

Team Retreat in Germany

We are deeply grateful for our partners in drug development and patient advocacy for the intense learning curve they’ve helped us get on. With every partnership, we’ve been able to improve our product and deepen our impact on the rare disease community. Check out one of our ongoing programs for mitochondrial disease.

UMDF Landing Page

We’ve Developed a New Class of Products for Rare Disease Patients and Drug Developers 🧬

An immense part of improving the accessibility of our genetic testing is advancing technology. From launching our analytics dashboard to increasing the speed and accuracy of our machine learning platform, we’re proud of the change we’ve introduced.

Daily Team Zoom Calls

Probably Genetic is growing fast and we’re looking for people to join us on our journey in 2022. If you care about problems greater than yourself, check out our open roles.

Cheyanne is the patient community manager at Probably Genetic. She uses her own experience of living with a rare genetic condition in her patient advocacy work. After graduating with her degree in psychology, she is especially interested in the biological processes that connect physical illness and mental health.